Wednesday, February 11, 2015

From Outdated and Discarded to Renewed and Fabulous!

Some call it upcycling, others call it reclaiming, I call it refabulousing (refabbing for short). One of my most favorite things to do, besides designing, is browsing antique and thrift stores for that special find. Whether it be something I can refab into a new creation, or something just perfect the way it is, I enjoy the hunt.

I knew when I saw this vintage double sided, butterfly and floral clutch shape pendant at an antique market, I had stumbled across something pretty special.  And when I learned it was found in a 1920-1940's Singer sewing machine cabinet, I was sold!

After some research, I found out that this style of jewelry is called Cloisonné and it is stunningly intricate. When I got it home and cleaned up I couldn't stop looking at it and, every time I did, I noticed a new detail...the butterflies, scrolls, vibrant colors, the slight scalloped shape.

I put on an 18" gold plate chain with a gold plate infinity ring and handmade front closure. I have done some extensive searching on this type of jewelry and have yet to see one as uniquely shaped as this one. It is absolutely gorgeous.

I also found these beautiful leaf shaped Cloisonné earrings alongside the pendant.  I removed the old ear wire, added a gold plate infinity ring and attached them to handmade brass ear wires.

Here are a couple more of my favorite refabbed buried treasures.  I found these outdated and discarded earrings and bracelet while out browsing thrift stores for hidden treasures. They were just destined for a DMDesigns makeover and they just so happened to match!

The unique jade colored bracelet link was refabbed into a beautiful necklace. I added it to a 18" gold filled chain with gold plate infinity circles and a handmade clasp.

The jade colored teardrops were removed from their tired old posts, hung from gold plate ovals and added to some handmade brass ear wires.  They are refabulous!

Don't you just love happy endings?!  I do!!

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